The Truth About Termite Damage!

Is termite damage all that it’s cracked up to be? Should be be worried if you find termites in your home or business? 

Are Termites really that bad for your home?

Termites are one of the most dangerous types of pest infestations that homes can get. They will not sting, bite, contaminate your food supply, or spread disease like some other types of pests. But, termites are dangerous to the structure of your home. They work silently and behind the scenes eating away at the wood of your house. Oftentimes, the damage they create is directly to the structural elements of a property. Once termites have infested your home they can be difficult to eradicate. All of these elements make termites a dangerous pest that you should do everything possible to avoid

Termites silently cause damage

If you have a termite infestation you will not see them dash across the floor of your kitchen like you would if you had a roach or rodent infestation. This sounds like good news but it is actually one of the elements that make termites so dangerous. These pests can silently eat away at the wood of your home without you having any idea that it is happening. They generally spend their time under your house and inside the walls making it difficult to spot signs of activity. By the time you see evidence of termite damage inside of the house it likely to be very extensive.

Termites damage the structural wood of your home

The structural wood of your home is one of the elements that keep it in stable condition. Damage to this type of wood can lead to foundation issues, cracked walls, ill closing doors and windows and a whole host of other issues. The cost to repair damage to the structural elements of your home can quickly add up. This potential for expensive damage makes termites a very real threat to your house.

Termites are difficult to eradicate

Termites are also dangerous to your home because they are difficult to eradicate. Getting rid of a termite infestation is not as simple as dealing with many other types of pests. The process requires a level of expertise and equipment that you are only going to find through a professional. Find a termite professional that offers a warranty on their work so you can be sure and get the highest level of assistance possible.

Termites are not the type of pest that you can ignore or simply learn to live with. They will continue to damage your home for as long as they are allowed to remain active. Over time, the termite activity will weaken the integrity of your home and open it up to even more damage. If you have any inclination that termites are present in your house then call in professional help immediately. Even if no obvious signs of infestation are visible it is a good idea to have your home inspected for termites. Early detection will significantly minimize the problems these dangerous pests can cause.

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