How To Travel Bed Bug Free!

Bed Bugs are expert hitchhikers! They love jumping onto your clothes as you walk by, or getting comfy in the rubber soles of your sneakers as you step on one. Are you about travel and are afraid of what you may bring home? We’ve got you covered with this article on how to travel bed bug free!

We’ve all heard how awful bed bugs are right? Do you cringe at the idea of having them infest your home, coming out at night to feed on…YOU!!? Traveling is one of the top ways that bed bugs find their way into your home. We’ve put together a guide for you so that you can feel better about traveling and know what to look for so you don’t have little unwanted stowaways returning home with you on your next trip. 

Place all of your luggage in the tub upon arrival.

First things first. We must make sure that our hotel room is free and clear of these nasty bugs. Placing our luggage in the tub is a save place to leave our luggage, as the smooth clean surface of a tub is difficult for bed bugs to walk on. You will almost never find bed bugs in or near your tub. So pile of of your stuff in there and let’s get to work! 

Check the Mattress couch and other furniture for blood marks and other warnings signs.

rip off all of the sheets and have a close look at the corners of the mattress, underneath, and inside any dervish or areas these small bugs love to hide. Bed Bugs will almost never be seen alive. They are really good at hiding. We what we are looking for is brown blood spots, and little exo-skeletons as they shed quite a bit and leave their shells around. The blood that you’ll find on your furnishings isn’t red at all. It has a brown or black color to it, since it’s blood that the bed bug has digested and—yes, you’re correct—defecated onto fabrics, mattresses, couch, etc. If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your hotel room, grab all of your stuff, take it outside and demand that your room be changed to something across the hall or in another building. Don’t take a room next door as bed bugs will likely travel from room to room. Repeat these steps in each new room. 

Need more info?

For more information about how to spot a bed bug infestation read our article “The 5 Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs To Look Out For” as it goes into even more depth of what to look for. Traveling should be a great and relaxing time for us all. The last thing we need to do is worry about bed bugs, but now that you know what to look for, you can rest easy and simply enjoy your vacation! 

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