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Pests are a true headache when they move into your Boston property. They can damage your home, spread disease, and create other troublesome issues. Stop the pests from lurking, building nests, and destroying your home with the help of Identify Pest Control in Boston, MA. 

Whether you’re dealing with rodents, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, or other pests, our team are experts in finding, eliminating, and preventing all common pests in Boston. Give us a call now to get started: (978) 549-6250

Boston Pest Control Experts

Pests might be small, but together, they are mighty. When they move into your residential or commercial property in Boston, MA, you’re certain to have problems. Pests can spread diseases and they can wreak havoc on wood structures. They are also incredibly dirty and known to spread bacteria. Fortunately, Boston is home to the experienced pest control team at Identify Pest Control. 

No matter what pests have infested your home, the experts at Identify Pest Control can get rid of them quickly and affordably. Give us a call, we’re ready to help eliminate and prevent infestations and get rid of rodents and insects that have already set up a nest in your home or yard. 

Pests We Treat in Boston

Identify Pest Control has certified pest control technicians who know how to take care of a variety of pest control problems. We treat common infestations like ants, roaches, and rats. And, we also remove termites, bed bugs, and other damaging pests. Here are a few of the most common pests we come across in Boston: 


Our team will find and remove ant colonies so they will not return to damage and spread dirt and disease in your home. In the warmer months, carpenter ants and fire ants are common. Regardless of the type of ant you’re dealing with, our team can treat your property to remove them quickly. 


These unsightly and disease-ridden insects create significant problems in homes and businesses. They carry disease, exacerbate allergies and asthma, and bring horrible odors into homes and businesses. 


Rats damage homes, spread disease, and contaminate food. These disgusting creatures have babies quickly, so infestations develop quickly. They’re also common vectors for other pest problems like fleas and ticks. Our team can speedily remove them so they don’t end up in your walls, basement, or attic. 


Spiders are creepy crawlers that might seem harmless, but some species have dangerous bites. If you have spiders in your home, call Identify Pest Control to remove them for you quickly.  

Bed Bugs

The experienced team at Identify Pest Control knows how to remove persistent and dangerous bed bugs. Our methods ensure that they will not return to bite you again and they’ll be gone as quickly as possible. 


The older homes and buildings in Boston, Massachusetts, are feasts for termites. Our team provides inspections, protection plans, and extermination treatments for residential and commercial customers in Boston. All of our termite treatments are guaranteed.

Where Do Pests Hide in Your Boston Property

Older homes and historic properties in Boston have plenty of nooks and crannies that provide hiding spaces for a variety of pests. Here are some of the most common spots: 


Rodents like mice and rats enjoy attics because they are filled with insulation, wires, and wood. They can build their nests and never be bothered because homeowners rarely enter their attics. Nesting birds and plenty of insects also live in attics. 


All basements are attractive living spaces for rodents and insects. They are damp, dark, and filled with plenty of food. 

Living Spaces

Pests move into bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. They’ll live in cabinets, closets, and ceiling corners. You might find insects in furniture, bedding, and drains. If you see pests inside of your home, it means there’s likely a serious infestation since they prefer to remain hidden until their numbers grow so large that they have to move into other areas of the property. 


While pests belong in the yard, some can become problematic, especially biting insects like mosquitos. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your backyard BBQ – call Identify Pest Control for mosquito misting treatments in Boston today.

Identify Pest Control: Your Boston Pest Control Experts

Since 1996, the team at Identify Pest Control has helped the people of Boston remove rodents and insects from their homes. We treat all customers with our professional, customized, and courteous services because we understand the stress and worries of having an infestation in your home or office. Our goal is to remove pests and prevent them from returning. 

We use the latest, safe pest control solutions that provide effective and affordable pest control solutions. We welcome your calls to learn about our protection plans and treatment programs to find and exterminate pests and prevent them from returning.  

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3 simple steps to rid your home of unwanted pests!

Getting rid of unwanted pests is easy when you call Identify Pest Control! Follow these simple steps for a one time service or you may choose to be protected all year long!


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One you call us, we’ll come over quickly to take a look and give you a thorough inspection of your home inside and out  to see what we are dealing with. 


Once we throughly inspect your home, we’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to rid your home of unwanted intruders and prevent them coming back. 

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