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Prompt & Guaranteed Pest Control In Dover, NH

Dover, New Hampshire is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire and the 7th oldest permanent American settlement.

There are several popular tourist spots like Hilton Park, Willand Pond, and the Woodman Institute Museum in Dover. You can also visit the Bellamy River Wildlife Management Area, which will allow you to see the beauty of New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, these beautiful waterways and parks can invite pests to the area. Residents in Dover, NH may find themselves struggling with pest infestations from time to time. If you are looking for a professional pest control team, you have found it.

Identify Pest Control is a local, family-owned business with a dedication to helping you eliminate your pest problem with our personalized treatment plans.

Pest Control Services at Identify Pest Control

Our company offers a wide range of services. We treat common pest problems like ant, bee, wasp, hornet, mosquito, rodent, tick, flea infestations, and much more! Rodents, ticks, and fleas can carry harmful pathogens which can potentially bring health hazards.

Ticks carry various diseases. Lyme disease can harm both humans and animals that visit your property. An ant infestation can be dangerous if fire ants manage their way onto your property. These ants have a painful sting. A termite infestation can risk the structural integrity of your buildings. Rodents can bring in disease and damage property as well.

It is essential to properly identify what type of pest you have so we can treat them properly. After proper identification, our pest control experts will treat infestations and eliminate your pest problem!

Controlling Your Pest Problem in Dover, NH

The first step we take to control your pest problem is to identify the pest infestation. We will help determine if you have destructive insects like carpenter bees and carpenter ants or even a termite infestation.

We have the proper knowledge, tools, and experience to take care of your pest problem. Whether you are dealing with a termite infestation or other pests and wildlife like bats and raccoons, we can help.

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Looking for Professional Pest Control? We're Ready for Action!

For over two decades, Identify Pest Control has provided quality pest control services in Dover, New Hampshire, and surrounding areas. We have over 200 five-star reviews to back up our experience.

Our pest control company offers prompt and dependable services that will help you take control of an infestation. We will eliminate the health risks of pests taking over your property.

Say goodbye to your pest problem. Schedule your pest control service with us today!

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3 simple steps to rid your home of unwanted pests!

Getting rid of unwanted pests is easy when you call Identify Pest Control! Follow these simple steps for a one time service or you may choose to be protected all year long!


If you think that you have pests in your home, give us a call right away. We’ll be over within 24 hours or less to take a look free of charge! 


One you call us, we’ll come over quickly to take a look and give you a thorough inspection of your home inside and out  to see what we are dealing with. 


Once we throughly inspect your home, we’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to rid your home of unwanted intruders and prevent them coming back. 

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