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Professional Pest Control in Hampton, NH

When you have pests in your Hampton, NH home, there’s good reason to get rid of them as soon as possible. Not only are pests creepy, they also transmit dangerous diseases and some can inflict damage to your property. When you see pests around your home or business, reach out to the expert exterminators at Identify Pest Control. 

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Hampton, NH

It can be unnerving to discover pests in your home or business. In your home, pests can spread bacteria to your food, create secondary pest infestations, and inflict structural damage to your property. In your business, pests can lead to all of the same problems but with the added threat of negative reviews from customers. 

The professionals from Identify Pest Control can help eliminate pests from both your home and business in a flash. We perform detailed inspections leaving no stone unturned to identify the pests entry points, where they’re hiding, and most importantly, what is keeping them there. 

Then we create a comprehensive pest plan to ensure your home or business are fully protected from new pests and the existing threats are eliminated. Identify Pest Control is committed to providing your home or business with guaranteed year-round protection against pest infestations. 

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Seasonal Pests: The Most Common Pests In Hampton, NH

Below are some of the pests that Identify Pest Control can help you with…


Ants can be invasive and cause damage to your home. These pests build nests and grow massive colonies, making ant infestations challenging to eradicate. With Identify Pest Control services, you can be sure your home or business is safe from ant infestations.

Bed Bugs

These pests can quickly adapt to different environments, making bed bugs best suited for travel. If you’re planning on moving this summer, so are these parasites. Regardless of how clean your home may be, bed bugs can easily make their way in on old furniture, backpacks, and even by clinging to your clothing during a walk through the park. Our team will eliminate the bed bugs quickly to ensure you’re sleeping bed bug free right away.


These are heat-loving pests build nests in protected areas and like to sting if you get too close. With Identify Pest Control services, you won’t worry about wasp and hornet infestations anymore. We can eliminate existing nests and well as prevent future nests from forming with our year-round pest maintenance packages.


Chances are that you’ve seen them before and if your home isn’t treated, you’re likely to see these pests again. Termites will destroy the wood structures on your property and can go for several years without being detected. Fortunately, we offer comprehensive termite inspections and termite extermination services to keep your property termite free. 

Our Pest Control & Prevention Program

Every service begins with a comprehensive inspection. During the inspection, your expert exterminator will look for signs of all types of pests including entry points, droppings, etc. to identify any pests that are invading your property. 

Following the inspection, they’ll provide you with a detailed overview of what pests you’re dealing with and a customized and affordable plan to ensure any existing pests are eliminated. They’ll also provide you with the plan moving forward to keep your property protected from pests all year.

Need Pest Control in Hampton, NH? We Can Help!

Pests are a nuisance and can damage your property. Also, pests expose home and business owners to many health risks. Identify Pest Control offers same-day services in the majority of cases. We’ve worked with and earned the trust of thousands of home and business owners throughout the area and we’re 100% confident that you’ll love our service – in fact, we guarantee you will! 

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3 simple steps to rid your home of unwanted pests!

Getting rid of unwanted pests is easy when you call Identify Pest Control! Follow these simple steps for a one time service or you may choose to be protected all year long!


If you think that you have pests in your home, give us a call right away. We’ll be over within 24 hours or less to take a look free of charge! 


One you call us, we’ll come over quickly to take a look and give you a thorough inspection of your home inside and out  to see what we are dealing with. 


Once we throughly inspect your home, we’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to rid your home of unwanted intruders and prevent them coming back. 

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