Why is my mouse bait repeatedly stolen?

Are you frustrated with your bait being stolen but the trap is still empty?

So you’ve been hearing strange noises at night… Faint scratching, tiny footsteps… IT’S A MOUSE!!!

You run to the store the next day and grab some traps. “Hmm, what should I put on this for bait? – CHEESE, every mouse in the cartoons love cheese!”

The bait is placed and you wait eagerly to catch your intruder!

The next day, you run to your trap, only to find the cheese is gone, but NO MOUSE!!!

You try again, and again, and again… No luck… WHAT GIVES!

Don’t worry, Identify Pest Control has you covered! 

Truthfully, your bait could be disappearing for a variety of reasons, and no, mice don’t wear helmets!

There are actually a variety of pests that could be finding your bait. 

In this article, we’ll cover some of the causes for this strange phenomenon and how to finally win the battle against mice and other pest in your home! 

Mice stealing bait

So if mice don’t wear helmets, where is my bait going? 

Rats: Because they are much larger and smarter, rats can easily circumvent glue boards and traps meant for mice – snatching the food without getting caught in the trap. Little buggers!

Insects: It is very common for insects such as slugs, crickets, ants and cockroaches to steal your bait as they like to feed on bait meant for rodents. These tiny insects can get in and out of living traps and other non-sticky traps without triggering it. Crickets and ants are very common intruders, and slugs can often be identified by the slimy trails they leave on the trap or trigger.

Small wildlife like squirrels, opossums, and other small animals have been known to feast on bait as well. They can easily steal food and bait from various mouse traps and glue boards without getting caught!

Tips for baiting mice

Peanut butter: Peanut butter sometimes works well to trap mice as it wraps around the trap and makes it harder for other pests to steal without the trap going off. 

Don’t use too much bait: Only use enough to attract the mouse. Using too much can put the scent in the air for all kinds of hungry horrors! 

Use the right trap: Never try to catch a rat with a mouse trap. If it doesn’t get away with the bait all together, it may get injured and die an inhuman death which will cause a VERY bad oder around the house that is very hard or near impossible to find especially if they crawl into the walls.

Place the bait in the right place:
Use the instructions on the trap itself. Generally, it’s towards the back of the trap to reduce insect accessibility. 

Don’t encourage nesting: Mice are attracted to nesting materials like sting, cotton and other materials such as pillow filling. If food isn’t working, try testing these!

Rodents are extremely difficult to get rid of

Rodents  can be tough to get rid of, especially rats because they are VERY smart. If you are seeing signs of rodents, or maybe you saw one scurry across the floor or on your kitchen counter.

If you see one, this is rare and possibly a sign that you have a major infestation.

Rodents are nocturnal and very shy.. If you see one in the open or during the day, this generally means that there are so many that foraging for food and water is necessary at all times.

It’s best that you call a professional. Identify Pest Control technicians are experts at exterminating rodents safely and effectively. We offer same day service in most areas and will come to your home to quickly identify the issue and make a plan.

One time services are available, but we do offer comprehensive protection plans for the entire year! Call us today for a free inspection!

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