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Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Identify Pest Control offers comprehensive wood-destroying insect reports and leaves no stone unturned during our thorough inspections. If you’re buying a home, selling a home, or simply want to know if you have these unwanted invaders in your home, give us a call today to schedule your inspection. 

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What's a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Report?

A wood-destroying insect report is a term used to describe a pest control inspection that’s performed prior to purchasing or selling a home. These inspections are usually required by lenders and realtors, but homeowners can request an inspection if they want to make sure there aren’t any issues with their property. A WDO/WDI/WDIR inspection looks into the structural integrity of a house, looking for signs of insects, fungus, mold, rot, drywall damage, water leaks, and more.

If you’re planning on moving into a new home, it’s important to know whether or not it has been treated for pests. You’ll also want to check for signs of infestation like damaged walls, cracks in floors, holes in ceilings, and discoloration around windows and doors.

The good news is that most inspectors use infrared technology to detect hidden pests that you can’t see with the naked eye. Infrared cameras emit waves that allow them to see inside the structure of the home. This type of inspection takes several hours and requires the inspector to walk throughout the entire home.

If you’d prefer a quick and easy way to find out whether or not your home needs some work done, contact us today. Our expert pest technicians will inspect your home for damages caused by termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying insects.

How Is a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Performed?

A Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) is a comprehensive inspection performed by a pest management professional to identify potential pest problems within your property. Our technicians inspect every area of the home, including both interior and exterior spaces.

During the inspection, our team looks for signs of insect infestation and especially pays attention to wooden structural supports like beams and decks. The pest professional will also look at places where there is exposed wood to soil contact, areas where the wood is moist, and look for debris left behind by insects. 

Once we’ve completed the inspection, we’ll provide you with a written report detailing what we found. In addition to identifying any issues, our reports will detail steps you can take to prevent future damage.

Identify Pest Control is a team of skilled experts who deal with a large assortment of pests, bugs, and invaders that can quickly become a headache for homeowners. 

We can handle ants, fleas, cockroaches, termites, and stinging bugs that can turn your home into a nightmare. 

Our services don’t just extend to insects. Bats can become a nuisance in your attic or roof lining. We can target and eliminate bat infestations. If you are dealing with a rodent infestation, give us a call. We know how to exterminate and prevent rodents from taking over your home.

Our methods are time-tested and field-tested. We have the best way to deal with pests from all over the area. After 16 years in business, we’re trusted to provide unparalleled pest control in Manchester and surrounding areas.

What Are Wood Destroying Insects?

Wood-destroying pests are common throughout the United States. There are many different kinds of wood-eating bugs, including termites, carpenter ant colonies, carpenter bee nests, and wood-destroying beetles. Most of the wood destroying insects tunnel underground, feeding on dead trees, fallen logs, branches, and stumps. Some species eat living tree trunks while others eat wood directly. Wood-destroying insects cause structural damage to buildings and homes, sometimes leading to significant repair costs.

Common Wood Destroying Insects

  • Termites – Termites are the most common wood-destroying insect that we all think of. The most common one in the Northeast is the Eastern subterranean termite. These termites live in colonies underground and feed on wood. 
  • Carpenter Ants –  These wood-destroying ants like to form nests in damp and decaying wood. 
  • Carpenter Bees – While they don’t eat wood, they do bore holes in it which can compromise the integrity of the structure.
  • Wood-Boring Beetles –  These beetles lay their eggs in wood cracks and their larvae eat their way out of the wood over the course of several years.

Signs That You Might Have Wood Destroying Insects

There are many things that a trained professional will look for. They’ll also use special tools to look for signs that you might miss with the naked eye. Here are a few signs you can look for now: 

  • Holes in your wood 
  • Mud tubes 
  • Dead or live insects in or around your wood structures 
  • Hollow sounding wood

If you see any of these signs, call us right away to schedule your inspection. 

Get a Wood Destroying Insect Report Today!

Wood-destroying insects will not go away on their own. In fact, the problem will get worse and result in much more expensive repairs over the long term. To find out if you have wood-destroying insects on your property, reach out to Identify Pest Control today. Our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and can perform the needed treatments to eliminate them from your property if any are found. 

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